Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse
Posted on 08/17/2017
Dr. Wilson

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As I am sure you all are aware, there will be a solar eclipse on our first day of school, August 21st . In
preparation for the event, we ordered “viewing glasses” for all of our students and staff. We received
the glasses but also received notification from Amazon (the company through which the glasses were
ordered) explaining that they could not verify the quality of some of the glasses in terms of protection of
the eyes. Amazon refunded our money and recommends that we not use the glasses in question. Upon further research, we have determined that some of the glasses are not on the “safety approved” list.

We have a limited number of glasses obtained from a different supplier that have been approved and
each school has developed a plan for student viewing. If you have glasses that have the safety
information printed on them from a reputable company (on the “safety approved” list) and can send
them with your child on Monday, that would be helpful and appreciated. We ask that you talk with your
child and emphasize the importance of listening to their teachers and obeying all safety guidelines to
ensure that no damage occurs to their eyes. We also recognize that some parents will choose to pull
their child from school to share the experience as a family and we are in full understanding and support
of such actions.

Please know that your child’s safety is paramount to us and we regret that the some of glasses we
purchased in preparation for this event cannot be used with confidence. We will make the best of the
situation without compromising the safety of your child or their vision.