Our School Vision:

  • Students, staff, parents, community will work as a team to make sure every student has the skills necessary to be successful in life. 
  • Students, staff, parents, community will set high academic and character goals. 
  • Students, staff, parents, community will show BRUSH Pride at home, school, and in the community.

Recent News

Beaver Valley
Beaver Valley News - Spirit Week
Posted on 09/26/2014
This letter is to inform you about our spirit week from September 29th to October 3rd. Spirit week is to get students enthused and supportive of our school. The week also serves to get students involved, working cooperatively, and united on a common goal of promoting the school spirit.  READ MORE...
Beaver Valley Pie Sales
Beaver Valley News - Pie Sales
Posted on 09/25/2014
Beaver Valley students kick off their pie sales today and will sell pies and other items through Oct. 14. Please help support Beaver Valley by purchasing a pie or two from our students.  READ MORE...
Beaver Valley Students
Beaver Valley News - September Writing Recognition
Posted on 09/22/2014
Each month Beaver Valley will recognize three students for their writing ability. The focus this month was based on the trait "ideas". In September we recognized 5th grader Julie Lopez; 4th grader Jenisis Topete; and the runner up was 3rd grader Tessa Yzaguirre. Congratulations all of you.  READ MORE...
Beaver Valley Staff
Beaver Valley News - Professional Learning Community
Posted on 09/16/2014
Teachers at Beaver Valley gathered for their first professional learning community time for the 2014-2015 school year. The focus of the afternoon centered around "Ideas," one of the traits of the newly adopted Trait Writing program being implemented this school year. Using a rubric, teachers were busy scoring student writing.  READ MORE...
Beaver Valley
Miss Meunier's 5th grade class
Posted on 09/05/2014
Students in Miss Meunier's 5th grade class are studying the body, its parts, and systems. As a pre-assessment students worked in teams to label the parts they know.  READ MORE...
Prinipal Kral
Beaver Valley News - September
Posted on 09/04/2014
Welcome back to school! I am excited to see all of the kids as we start what looks to be a very exciting year here at Beaver Valley Elementary. As always, safety and education are our top priorities. The staff here at Beaver Valley is very concerned about the safety of students as they travel to and from school.  READ MORE...